The ceremony can be held inside the barn.

Caterers/Clients are responsible for the removal of any trash. Recycling bins will be available and Monck’s Landing will take care of the recycling. The barn and the grounds are to be cleaned up by the client before noon the following day.

Set up is allowed to commence the morning of the event. In some cases access will be allowed the night before if no other events are booked the previous evening. Please ask management to verify if access is available the day before.

Depending on bookings the following day – by noon is preferred.

DependingYes, there is a gravel parking lot for approx 30 cars, and a lower level field parking available as well.

Unless the barn is booked the evening prior to your wedding date you will have access that night for the dress rehearsal.

Children are always welcome! However, we do ask that they are always attended to as the grounds could present hazards. Children are not permitted anywhere on the course without adult supervision.

The barn can hold a maximum of 200 people.

Currently there is no accommodations on site. Transportation to different hotels/motels in the area can be arranged in advance for a fee.

Wine for the tables can be provided by the client but must be arranged beforehand to comply with the Liquor Licence. There will be an uncorking fee charged by the venue. All other alcoholic beverages are provided solely by the venue.